Friday, September 16, 2011

MORE heifers!!

Well, just doing a quick post . . . me and my mom and a few of my siblings went to the Stilwell Livestock Auction on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 again. And we came home with 5 heifers. 1 thin Longhorn, 1 Holstein heifer and 3 Angus heifer young calves. These heifers are for sale and also the brown and white Longhorn heifer (in the last two pictures of this post) is for sale . . . . E-mail ( or call for more info 918-598-4007.

Here are some pictures. I will try to get better pictures of the Angus heifers when I can. 

Nice healthy longhorn heifer. Weighed #570 on 8/31/11.
Should make a nice butcher calf or keep her for a breeding cow.
$550 OBO
( or call for more info (918)-598-4007.

Have a great week!!

~ Haleluyah

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Okay. I know I am a cheezer, because I have not posted for awhile. BUT, we have been REALLY busy. As always :) Life is always going to be busy, when there are 13 people in the family, more than 400 animals, goats, sheep and rabbits birthing, milking about 28 goats twice a day, feeding animals and people, making sure all the animals have clean water, shearing sheep, dealing with a broken goat leg and a needy broken arm sister, dealing with a completely blind sheep for a month or more that got pink eye REALLY bad, trying to catch when the goats and sheep are coming into heat so that we can breed them (since it has been sooo hard to tell when they are in heat for some reason this year), making sure none of the animals are sick or have something wrong with them. . . . . etc.

Kitty Boy our 8 year old male cat, passed away several weeks back :(  We've had Kitty Boy since he was a kitten in California. And then, we brought him out from California with us in July of 2008. 

We got a little female kitten a couple months back. Her name is Trixis (a yellow flower name), though we call her "Little Kitten". She is very cute and pretty and comes when I call her. She has white/cream coloring with light orange ears, feet/legs and tail with blue eyes. I am the care taker of the kitten - I feed her, water her and shut her up in a little crate with a blanket usually every night.

Here are some pictures of Trixis - 

My little sister with Trixis

Thursday, September 2nd, 2011, me and some of my family where at a cattle sale, and we got a phone call from my family at home saying there was a goat with a broken back leg. They had carried her to a stall with water and hay. She was eating and acting very well for how bad the break was and was even putting a tiny bit of pressure on the leg. We have no idea how she broke her leg. This doe is an 18 month old Alpine/Nubian doe, her name is Cleopatra. She is a very, very big, healthy doe. If you would like to see pictures and how we splinted the leg go here - .

On Sunday August 1st, 2011 me, my dad and a few of my siblings went down to Texas to get about 25 goats and 10 sheep. We got back home with the goats and sheep at about 1:40 am Monday morning. If you would like to see pictures and more info you can go here - .

Friday, August 26th, 2011, we bought two REALLY nice HUGE Katahdin and Katahdin cross ewes.  If you would like to see pictures and find out more about them than you can go here - . 

Also we have a LOT of goats and sheep for sale. If you are interested than please contact us at 918-598-4007 or, or If you go here                               ( )
 than you can see some pictures of some of the goats.

On Wednesday, September 2nd, 2011 me and some of my family went to the Stilwell cattle auction and bought 4 heifers. 1 black Angus heifer that we put back on a bottle, 1 long horn heifer, 
1 Charolais heifer and another black heifer with a white face.

Here are some pictures of the heifers - 

Here are some random pictures - 

These next two pictures are of Santiago when he was a little baby.

Snowdonia drinking her bottle.

Here is Snowdonia laying with me on the couch when she was younger.

Here is Spotty when we first got her.

This is Rocky, our friends BIG Katahdin ram when she first got him.

Here is a picture of Ewe Neek (right) and Butter Mint (left) not long after we got them in 2010. On April 11, 2011 it was a year since we got our first sheep. These two are our first sheep that we got.

Here is a picture of Buddy, who we no longer own.

Have a great week!!

~ Haleluyah