Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update on The Little Hills sheep!!

Well, I thought that I would give ya'll an update on the sheep. The ewes all started coming back into heat in September, so we started breeding them and have still been breeding ever since. Our first lambs are due on February 1st, 2012 . . .yes, February again . . . hopefully there is not 2 feet of snow on the ground like there was last lambing season in February! BUT, the good thing is, is we know when they are due and we have all the due dates marked on the calendar, so that we can bring them back in the big barn before they start having lambs in the snow, unlike last lambing season where there were 20 ewes or so that could be due anywhere from November to April! 

Click on any of the names below to view the sheep.

~ Sheep count ~

We currently own 38 ewes (9 Katahdins, 5 cross breeds, 1 Tunis, 2 Finnish Landraces, 3 Jacobs, 14 Painted Deserts, 2 Desert Dragons and 2 Dorpers), 5 rams (2 Painted Deserts, 1 Desert Dragon, 1 Finnish Landrace and 1 Jacob/Texas Dall cross) and 2 ram lambs (1 Painted Desert and 1 Painted Desert/meat sheep cross). 

~ Sheep for sale ~

We have 2 ram lambs for sale for $100 each. One is a registerable Panted Desert ramling, he was born on September 20th, 2011. His sire is Little Hills Gomez, one of our Painted Desert rams and his dam is Little Hills Sierra Blanca, one of our Painted Desert ewes.

The other one is a Painted Desert/meat sheep cross he was born on September 18th, 2011. His sire is Little Hills Gomez, a Painted Desert ram of ours and his dam is Black Mesa, a Painted Desert/Dorper cross (I believe) ewe of ours.

Contact us for recent pictures and more info - email us at kim@goodgoats.net or call at 918-598-4007 .

Here are some pictures of the ramlings. These pictures are back when they where born, so they are not very recent . . . but they still give you an idea of what they look like. The first two pictures are of the Painted Desert ramling and the third picture is of the cross ramling.

~ Breeding Chart ~

Here is the list of ewes that are bred, the ram that they are bred and there due dates ~

Ewe & Ram      Due Date

Appalachia x Eldorado          2-1-12                      

Zawiya x Eldorado                 2-5-12

Ruby Range x Eldorado         2-10-12

Ewe Neek x Rocky                2-11 to 2-21-12

Alaina x Rocky                       2-22-12

Princess Margaret x Rocky     2-24-12

Butter Mint x Rocky               2-25-11

Sunset Crater x Rocky            2-25-11

Coastal x Panda                      2-27-12

Britannia x Diamond               4-4-12

Cathy x Eldorado                    4-9-12     

Cameron x Diamond               4-10-12

Queen Charlotte x Diamond    4-11-12

Misty x Boulder                       4-18-12

Jersey x Gomez                        4-18-12

Sierra Blanca x Gomez             4-18-12

Lion x Gomez                           4-23-12

Frosty x Gomez                         4-29-12

615 Monte Cristallo x Panda     4-29-12

615 Mount Cayley x Panda       4-29-12

Izzy x Panda                              5-2-12

Foresta x Boulder                      5-2-12

Snowdonia x Panda                  5-2-12

Daisy x Gomez                         5-4-12

Sophia x Panda                         5-5-12

Here are a some random sheep pictures ~

Some of the ewes.

Gomez and Big Salmon.

Frosty and Sierra Blanca in front.

Princess Margaret on left and Appalachia on right.

Caraballo on left.

Some of the ewes.

Jersey on right.

Appalachia and Frosty (Appalachia's dam) and her Frosty's 2011 twin ramlings.

Three big Katahdin/meat ewes.

If you would like to see more about the Little Hills Sheep ranch then go here - http://littlehillssheepranch.blogspot.com/ .

Have a great week!!

~ Haleluyah

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lots and lots of baby bunnies!!

Well, we started breeding our Production White rabbits again in September since the weather cooled down. We have 18 breeding does and 2 bucks right now, 16 of the does are Production Whites and 2 are Altex does. 9 of the does have kits on them right now and the other 9 are either going to have babies within the next week of so, or are bred and will need to be palpated when they are 2 weeks along to see if they took. There are 4 litters that will be ready to be sold or butchered in about a week, that is the soonest we will have any ready to go, but there are litters still being born and we are still breeding bunnies. 

If you are interested in buying any Production White rabbits contact us at - kim@goodgoats.net or you can call us at 918-598-4007.

Here are some pictures of the Production White rabbits. These pictures are not very recent. If you would like to see pictures of the ones that we have for sale then just contact us and let us know.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a quik post.

Just doing a quick post here. It is supposed to snow 18" really soon . . . so I gotta go help mom and the other kidos make sure all the animals are warm and ready for the cold weather. 

Here are some random ranch pictures - 


Trixis, when she was littler. She looks a lot different now, because her color has changed alot.

Here are some more pictures from around the ranch.


The piglets when they were littler.

Hope ya'll have a great week!!

~ Haleluyah

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Barn!!!

We decided to expand our milking barn and kidding/lambing stalls. So we called a few different barn building companies to see what the cheapest price was to get a 30x50 barn installed. We chose to go with the MidAmerica Pole Barn Company since they were the cheapest. It took them about 2 and 1/2 days to build it . . . they did a great job and were great workers I'd say.

We are very thankful for it - especially to my Granny who made it possible!

Here's photos of the process, from start to finish - 

Thanks to the MidAmerica Pole Barn Company workers/builders.