Monday, October 11, 2010

Tulsa State Fair . . . more photos

Here are some more photos - 

Chicks - 

Camel - 

Bison - 

Angora goat - 

Alpaca - 

I don't remember what these are called - 

I don't remember what these were called either - 

~ Haleluyah

Tulsa State Fair

Well, sorry for not posting for a long time. We have been really busy for the past few weeks. My oldest sister showed some rabbits at the Tulsa State Fair this past weekend. So, we went to the fair yesterday, it was pretty interesting there. There was one barn there that had tons of rabbits in it, in another barn there were a lot of cows, and in another barn there were many, many boer goats. In the same barn that the rabbits were in there was a mini petting zoo, and on the other side of the petting zoo there was a birthing center. The birthing center was VERY interesting, they had a live dog C-section going on in a room with glass walls and a video on the outside. They also had a section with a few goats and sheep that had birthed at the fair or were still pregnant.

Here are some pictures - 

mini Zebu cattle - 

A Yak - 

Turtle - 

Turtle - 

Ostrich - 

Kangaroo - 

Jacob 4-horned sheep - 

Goose - 

Goats - 

Percheron Horses - 

This guy is 6' 2" so, that lets you know how tall that horse is!

Emu - 

Brahma cattle - 

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