Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Self Sucking Goat!!

Well, it has been getting warmer every day it seems like! I have not posted for a little while now, because we have been kinda busy lately.

We got another goat! She is a registered Lamancha doe. Her name is Cricket, and she is a self-sucking first freshener yearling. She has a beautiful udder, but she only gives a very very little amount since she is drinking it all! She is from Mercy Farms, Thank you Joanne! Joanne talked about selling her, and my Mom said she'd like the "challenge" (of trying to make her not self-suck anymore), so we decided to get her. We went and picked her up on Thursday May 20th. So, we were trying to think of something to do to make it so that she did not self-suck anymore, we tried hot sauce on her teats and it did not work, we tried putting some kind of spray that your supposed to put on dog feet so they don't chew there feet and it did not work, we cut the bottom of a bucket off and tried putting it on her head like an E collor and it just fell off right away, than finelly we got ahold of a real E collor (not a bucket with no bottom) and put it on her neck up side down, than in the morning we were milking all of the goats and we put her up on the stand to milk her and her udder was SOOO tight it looked like it was going to pop, so we gave her grain and she ate all of her grain gone and gave us about a half of a gallon! When we took all of the goats back to there pen, she walked in the pen and went and got a drink! I don't think we have ever seen her get a drink until then! She is also a bit shy, but that'll just take a bit of time till she is friendly. Her registered name is MercyFarms MG Cricket.

Here are a few pictures of Cricket:

Cricket with the E collar on.

A full shiny udder! Photos taken about 10 hours since milking.

Have a great day!

~ Haleluyah

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  1. I am trying this idea for my self-suckling Nigerian Dwarf, after I have tried everything else!
    We will see if it works- thanks for the idea!